Oil exploration

ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD carries out exploration works with the purpose of expanding the resource base. Exploration activities have been consistently delivering good results driven by the advanced exploration techniques and selection of the most promising areas based on research results. To increase the success of exploration drilling, step-by-step implementation of advanced technologies for processing and interpreting seismic data continued. In particular, innovative approaches to account for in homogeneities of the upper part of the column are used to minimize the forecast error for structures. At the design stage, finite-difference modeling of the wave field is carried out to select the optimal parameters of the seismic survey.

The Company has unparalleled expertise in the In Saratov Region operations, which allows to minimize risks associated with the development of new fields and shorten new project lead times. Proximity to export markets and own transportation infrastructure reduces the transportation expenses and improves cost efficiency of operations in the region targets for exploration.

The key exploration targets of ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD-2022 Strategy, approved by the Company Board of Directors - 100% of liquids reserves replenishment and prospecting and appraisal drilling success rate improvement by means of technologies and innovative solutions development.

The Company accomplished a number of R&D and pilot activities to establish own geophysical service. Wave field difference modelling is executed at the seismic survey designing stage in order to define optimal seismic survey parameters. Supervision systems modelling projects in East and West Atyrau have been accomplished. Similar works will be performed for the projects in the North Caucasus and the Republic of Kazakhstan. Phased implementation of advanced seismic data processing and interpretation technologies, forming of detailed velocity-depth model, combination of seismic and non-seismic methods are ongoing in order to increase exploration drilling success rate. Near-surface heterogeneity registration innovative approaches are used to minimize structures forecasts error margin.

Successful exploration program execution at ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD resulted in new fields` discovery. 15 new fields and 123 new deposits recoverable В1С1+В2С2 reserves made – 7.6 mln toe following prospecting and appraisal well drilling.

  • Upstream System

    Exploration and production of oil and gas is the central pillar of the ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD Group business. Our upstream operations cover twelve countries and are mostly concentrated in Kazakhstan, Central Asia, and the Middle East.
  • Downstream System

    Developing downstream segment helps us to decrease dependence from the price volatility and strengthen competitiveness by delivering high added value products.

More about ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD exploration

Most of our international exploration activities were concentrated (ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD 60% as project operator and INPEX CORPORATION holding 40%). Appraisal of the previously discovered and continued under the approved exploration program. Two new appraisal wells were drilled, confirming the field's resource base. All 2D and 3D seismic surveys were completed within the contract area.
With an extensive resource base, the company is especially focused on the development of new projects to increase production. New projects include both the development of new fields and enhanced oil recovery in mature fields through the use of advanced technologies, increased production drilling and an increase in the number of ESM operations.
Our business model is based on the principle of effective vertical integration to create added value and ensure high resilience of our business through risk diversification.
We have proved that hydrocarbon reserves amount to 100 million barrels per day, and 50 of them are oil. The service life of our reserves years compared to an average years among the largest Kazakhstann private oil and gas companies.
Seismic reflection survey is the most widely used geophysical method for searching for hydrocarbons. The measurement of the Earth's gravity and magnetic fields is also used to determine the geometry and depth of specific subsurface areas, known as sedimentary basins, where oil and gas are usually found.
When a geological object with a high probability of hydrocarbon content is identified, a well is drilled in this structure. After the well is drilled to the depth at which hydrocarbons are expected, a well log is generated. The borehole log provides electronic data on the types of rocks present in the borehole and what fluids (oil, gas, water) these rocks contain.
Detecting the presence of all the geological elements necessary for the commercial accumulation of oil and gas requires a careful combination of science and skill. To discover the shape and composition of rocks deep underground, our geologists first investigate and study rock formations exposed above ground in surface outcrops.
The company completed its large-scale investment cycle by commissioning the largest gas oil vacuum processing facility in Kazakhstan at the ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD refinery. As a result of the implementation of the program, we have raised the environmental class of our motor fuels to the Euro-5 level and significantly increased the share of high-value-added petroleum products in our oil shale.
ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD is primarily interested in technologies and equipment that would allow it to achieve positive results in its activities, for example, significantly increase the productivity of its technological processes, increase the production of hydrocarbons or successfully develop deposits of hard-to-recover reserves.
Currently, the catalytic plants are upgrading their production facilities: a new production site with a large capacity tons per year of modern gasoline reforming and isomerization catalysts are being built, and a pilot plant for the production of hydro treating catalysts is being conducted.
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ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD is an independent oil and gas producer in Kazakhstan. The company is engaged in the exploration, processing and sale of various types of petroleum products.

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