Oil and Gas Production

ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD is among one of the largest petrochemical company in Kazakhstan and the world's largest public oil and gas Company in terms of hydrocarbon reserve and liquid hydrocarbons production. One of the Company’s key priorities is increasing the resource base. ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD share in the Kazakhstann oil production reaches 97%. We makes long-term investments goal in global companies in different sectors, mainly in Europe, America and other countries. We provide cost-effective oil and gas products solutions. We match for our promise to safety and commitment to your product development.

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In recent years, the Company's refining activities have been focused on meeting the market demand for quality petroleum products. Over the years, ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD Vertical is among consistently implementing a programed to modernize its refineries, which has enabled it to expand its product range, improve the quality of its products and increase its competitiveness. This is the most ambitious programed of modernization of oil refining capacities in the Kazakhstann oil industry.

And ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD refined petroleum is among the leading manufacturer and distributor of various types of petroleum products international Market. The company has over the years carved a niche for itself in oil & gas through different operational arms and quality services.

ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD optimizes the efficiency of your entire supply chain production. From sourcing and manufacturing through delivery and return, we apply precision technologies and extensive experience to formulate logistics solutions specifically targeted to meet your challenges. One of the key tools for developing solid logistics operations is dialog. We assess the needs of your business. We act as an objective observer, and we maintain an ongoing conversation with you to ensure we have the complete picture. The result is improved systems that are perfectly matched to your business needs. ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD refinery has a range of industry-specific expertise. Our team is able to build supply chain solutions tailored to your operations, production and market demands—no matter what your industry.

We create synergies across production supply chains. Coordinate and consolidate supply chains to address logistics costs. Apply proven process-refinement methodologies by harnessing the latest technologies with the help of our logistics professionals.

The oil refinery and petrochemical sections of the Company consists of 18 large oil refineries located in Kazakhstan and abroad, as well as three petrochemical, four gas processing plants, two plants on production of catalytic agents and one service enterprise. The Company owns shares in three oil refineries, controls over more than 12% of refining capacities with a total throughput of 12.5 million tonnes per year and is the third player on the global market of oil refining. In the republic of Kazakhstan indirectly holds 21% of shares of ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD holds 49% of shares of the Indian company Nayara Energy owning the largest oil refinery in Atyrau city which is a top ten of the best enterprises of the world.

ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD fulfils the most ambitious program on modernization of oil refinery plants including modernization of process capacities of Atyrau oil refinery, modernization of Atyrau oil refinery, reconstruction and modernization of Atyrau oil refinery. The aggregate investments within the program exceed 1 trillion rubles. By today the stage of adoption of the European standards has been completed, more than 30 facilities have been reconstructed. For the time being the reconstruction of the installation is being continued which will yield more light products.

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ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD is an independent oil and gas producer in Kazakhstan. The company is engaged in the exploration, processing and sale of various types of petroleum products.

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