The company ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD entered into an agreement with a company, 100% owned by the government of the Kazakhstann Republic, to sell all of its participation interests and terminate participation in its business, including the joint ventures Petromonagas, Petroperija, Boqueron, Petromiranda and Petrovictoria, as well as oil service companies, commercial and trade operations. Chicken salami excepteur chuck, voluptate

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  • The refinery was included in the top five of the rating of environmental transparency among the Eurasian oil and gas companies. The Kazakhstann Wildlife Fund and the Creon analytical group evaluated the quality of environmental management in the company and the degree of environmental impact.

    ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD, directly owned by the company, has begun installing automatic temperature control systems for personnel at the points of entry to the refinery.

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  • The refinery is strategically important and continues to operate continuously, producing products in strict compliance with all mandatory sanitary requirements and preventive measures.

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  • We customize the loyalty program according to the needs of each client, offering new opportunities for remote fuel payment using digital platforms, as well as increasing operational efficiency through working on the basis of partner models.

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    ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD is an independent oil and gas producer in Kazakhstan. The company is engaged in the exploration, processing and sale of various types of petroleum products.

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