Sustainable development

At ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD HSEQ policy and the company's annual goals are at the heart of the HSE Integrated Management System, which helps to pool resources and procedures together and ensure that these goals and policies are met.

The HSEQ policy is implemented through the use of all IMS HSE tools, in particular, compliance with legislation in the field of occupational health and safety, risk management, effective use of opportunities for further improvement.


We strive to provide services that meet the needs and expectations of our customers in terms of quality, performance and safety, as well as foster a business culture that trains, develops and encourages our employees to continually improve all aspects of our business. Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is being implemented at all levels of our business and integrated into our quality assurance system; new employees get a complete picture of the ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD refinery immediately after the start of their work. All information about the company is stored in an electronic archive. Unwanted incidents and deviations from the procedure are logged on our intranet using internet-enabled mobile devices. These procedures allow the ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD refinery to maintain an optimal HSE system.

The operation of the oil refinery is associated with increased requirements for industrial, fire safety of production, as well as labor protection. The implementation of organizational and technical measures aimed at preventing emergencies, reducing their consequences and being ready for their localization, allows limiting the level of risk both for workers of the ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD refinery and for the population within acceptable limits.

The new strategy of ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD is based on construction of a business that takes the highest requirements in the field of ecology, industrial safety and environmental protection into account. ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD undertook obligations to enter the first quarter of the list of the world oil and gas companies by key indicators in this area by 2022. In order to achieve better performance in these areas, ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD constantly improves its approaches to management of environmental protection activity, increases the scope of its environmental protection events and the necessary investments in environmental protection.

The care for the environment is an integral part of the Company’s corporate culture and social responsibility of the Company. ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD does utmost to ensure environmental protection, preservation and restoration of natural resources.

ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD being a biggest user of subsurface resources in the shelf area of Russia conducts a study on white bears in the areas of challenging development of hydrocarbons in the framework of the scientific research expeditions Kara-zima and Kara-leto performed on yearly basis. The white bear is one of the main indicator species of sustainable condition of the Arctic ecosystems. The Company supports the programs on study and preservation of population of Amur tiger, wild reindeer on the territory of Atyrau, sable as well as Atlantic subspecies of seahorse. During the course of the arctic expeditions the company takes biological observations on marine mammals and birds of the Northern seas.

The Kazakhstan scientists within the project implemented by Arctic Research Center LLC (which is a part of the corporate of the scientific and project complex of ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD) and the non-governmental development institution Innopraktika on the basis of the biologic faculty have developed an industrial prototype of a unique biological product designed for cleanup of the coastline and the water area of the Northern seas from oil and petrochemicals spillage. The technology is based on usage of natural psychrophilous microorganisms which consume the hydrocarbons as a nourish source.

ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD is a sponsor of the program of the Institute of Oceanology in the name of Atyrau of Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences (IO RAS) on investigation of the Black sea dolphins. The program is scheduled for three years and stipulates performance of the field studies, acoustic and visual monitoring, laboratorium inspection of the gained data. The first in thirty years sea expedition of IO RAS on investigation of the Black sea dolphins with the support of ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD.

We are always interested in supplying your required product in large or small quantity in safty, good environment and customer’s health control with the support of our company HSEQ. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your request.

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Environmental Policy

  • During the construction of new and modernization of existing facilities at the ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD refinery, special attention is paid to minimizing the impact of the production process on the environment - these issues are a constant component of the plant's economic management system. In addition, the company has developed an environmental policy.

Social Politics

  • The company has always strived to adhere to high standards, both in production and social aspects. A systematic approach to the implementation of the entire social policy, focused on the needs of employees and their families, and responsible business conduct contribute to the stability and efficiency of social investments both within the group companies and in the regions.

Industrial Safety

  • In addition, the specialists of the industrial safety department of the plant conduct a comprehensive survey of hazardous production facilities in accordance with the approved schedule. Action plans for localizing emergency situations, plans for localizing emergency oil spills have been developed.




ISO 9001:2016




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ADAY PETROLEUM KOMPANI LTD is an independent oil and gas producer in Kazakhstan. The company is engaged in the exploration, processing and sale of various types of petroleum products.

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